Please contact me as soon as possible in case you realice you wont be in time in the meeting point. Otherwise, I will try to contact you and in case I don’t get it, I will wait for ten minutes after that time, the experience will be canceled without the possibility of postponing it or obtaining a refund.

All age children are very welcome to the experience of course. I will adapt the length, the pace and the communication in order to engage them with the photo shooting and the city.

During the walk we will do several micro stops for casual portraits and just a little quick historical context of some spots while keeping an easy going but dynamic pace.

Yes of course, to make it simple I say the duration is two hours but if you have no time enough, we can head directly to the best spots to shot, according to your preferences. However, price will remain the same and I will probably not be able to guaranty the same amount of photos.

Yes, we can finish in another point of the way. Please, make me know in advance if possible.

This is up to you, I’m use to do photo shootings with professional models and with people who has nothing to see with photography, and I can adapt. Some people prefer it to be totally spontaneous, some like to get a few indications or advises and some like to go for the classic poses. I would like you to feel confortable and to enjoy the experience which is not only about getting beautiful photos but also to enjoy the magic of the city this way you will be much more natural in front of the camera.

My photographic style is dynamic, I look for the glances of complicity, natural portraits and lights. I don’t care so much about poses as the composition and even more important than the photos, I want you to have a good time and enjoy the experience as much as I do!

I can adapt the way to each customer, normally we walk up to the hill of the Albaicin but for sure we can also find plenty of nice backgrounds around the city center, cathedral and low Albaicin in case you prefer it to be physically less demanding.

I try to talk not too much about the history, since it is not a historical walk, but I do like to explain some general ideas to better locate ourselves in the environment.

If you have already enjoyed your experience and want to book another photo tour, you can get a 10% discount for any activity, including the gift card.

The activities are available through several distributors and the final price should be the same, however, there may be small differences since each one is configured differently.

That’s a good idea, just mind we are gonna be walking most of the time and you don’t wanna bring too many things under your arms, maybe a little bag would be great and we will find a place where you can change your clothes in case you need it. Feel free to contact me for more details.

Everyone can like a different style and look, come with what you feel best. With that said, here are some general tips based on my personal taste and the dominant colors and lights that we will encounter along the way.

Warm colors go very well, not too bright, better plain designs. Also the combinations of gray or pastel colors will combine perfectly. A good balance between casual and elegant will look great. Dresses always work.

If you have something that you can hold or an accessory, it will give us a lot of play, such as a hat, a scarf or sunglasses.

You can bring heels and use it in a few spots but I recommend you to bring it in a little bag since it’s not practical or safe for a walk on the cobbled stone streets of the Albaicín.

The activity physical demand is moderate, there are step streets but most of the people could do that with calm. Just give me your feedback on how you feel at any time during the walk, and we will adapt it in order to give you an enjoyable experience.

Yes, I take care of everything. This website is a personal project in which I try to combine the best of my professional experiences in tourism and photography. During the experience, I will show you the city and I will take a lot of photos while we walk and later, I will edit the best photos with professional software so that you can choose the ones you like the most.

I have plenty of toys for photography but my favorite gear for these experiences is my Sony a7iii with a Sony 85mm1.4 GMaster lens, perfect for portraits. I also bring a flash even if I prefer just natural light, and a second lens.

No, once the photos have been edited and selected, they can be downloaded without a watermark.

Although I will be very grateful if they are accompanied by a link to WALK IN FOCUS or to my social networks in case you decide to publish them, so that other people can find my work.

I always try to get it done in 48 hours or earlier if possible according to my availability. Exceptionally it could take a little more.

You can choose up to 40 photos among 100 edited one.

You can choose up to 80 photos among 100 edited one.

For groups of three or more participants, you will get the 100 edited photos.