Movie shots in the rain


Play the game


In France they say “Il faut jouer le jeu”, in the sense of face an unexpected situation with a good mood, then it becomes fun, maybe a little challenging and adventurous but for sure your shot will be much more creative and natural, and the photos will illustrate a great story to remember.

Shake your body


For a few months I was living in Lapland and I remember those fellas running on the snow at -30º … just keep running! they use to say. Luckily, there are many step streets around the Albaicín and with a calm but constant pace, it will be more than enough to keep the body warm.

Warm inside


My secret is dressing layers like an onion. Wearing thermic clothes during a winter photo walk, if you have it into your suitcase, is a great idea. You will also get dry faster and more protected from wind. And of course, if at one point you prefer to get back to the center, it will be maximum a ten minutes down hill walk.. or five till the first bar 🙂

Umbrella shots


From behind the camera I can see you and give you advises about simple poses or just.. look here look there.. but, if I have to be in front, oh boy! I’m not use to it neither and most of my insecurity comes from.. what do I do with my hands?? so holding an umbrella or any other prop will be very helpful and adds another dimension to the story.

I always try to do my best to provide an enjoyable and professional service to my clients. In this challenge, there are many factors involved and some are playful and difficult to control, such as weather. This day, a good shower caught us squarely in the middle of the Sacromonte and the photo walk became a real experience, and in truth, very fun. We decided to go ahead and take advantage of all kinds of reflections and backlights in our photographs. Luckily my camera and lenses are well sealed and we had plenty of warm clothes, but the best thing was the positive attitude and the exploring spirit of this adventurous couple! Thank you very much guys for your good vibes and see you in the Big Apple!


Matt, December 2019 – (via Airbnb Experiences)

“This experience should become the most requested, most discussed, most treasured experience for those visiting Granada. If Adolfo has a date open, book it. I promise you, it’s worth every penny. My fiancé and I wanted to book a professional photographer while in Granada. There are a few here on AirBnB, but the thing that caught my eye for this experience was that it was done at night. That’s pretty cool, I thought, and it happened to work well with our schedule. So I booked it. Then we met up with Adolfo (at a different location than the usual start location because we were running late — which only goes to show that Adolfo was flexible before we even began!). Adolfo is a very special guy. Smiling, charming, full of infectious enthusiasm, and a real expert in photography — both technically and in the art form. This experience is just as much about spending a few hours with Adolfo as it is about getting your picture taken. The more you open up, the more you tell him, the more Adolfo can customize the experience for you. You get what you give here. And boy did Adolfo deliver. He took my fiancé and I around for hours to hidden nooks, tiny alleys, gorgeous views, and picturesque plazas. He struck that perfect balance of allowing us to feel natural in front of the camera and do our thing (mostly laughing) and recommending poses, positions, and mindsets to get what turned out to be some of our best pictures. He’s so thoughtful, so utterly charming, you can’t help but fall for the guy. And when you’re happy, your pictures come out better (At least, that’s what I think). Just one quick example of our experience: much to our initial concern, it started to rain. And pretty hard. But Adolfo didn’t flinch. He saw it as an opportunity. He came up with locations and poses that only made the pictures even more epic, more amazing. And he surely wanted to be sure we were comfortable, and would have stopped if we said so — but we were game and so was he. And the results are stunning. So yeah, I like Adolfo 🙂 And you should book this experience. We already asked him to be our wedding photographer!”